Welcome to the College of Stoic Philosophers

Our mission is to educate all who would be Stoics and Stoic philosophers. We are a school of Stoic philosophers, and our entire faculty are Marcus Fellows of the College. Read about the four schools, the resources, and all the drop-down pages above to know us better. Then, please join us.

Stoic philosophy, the great education in wisdom, teaches you how to change your life. Excellence really is within your reach. Now, you can learn what Stoics have known for more than 2000 years: serenity, compassion, and joy.

Academic philosophy emphasizes abstract intellectual problems and arcane conundrums that no one ever solves and no one ever wins. Stoic philosophy doesn't do that. It never did. Instead, it gives you the keys to living life well, in good times and bad.

The College was founded on the 5th of July, 2008, as an open Internet school to encourage a life-long pursuit of philosophy as the love of wisdom. For the Stoic philosopher, this is, and always has been, the foundation for daily practice in the art of living. The College has four schools of learning: the Preparatory School for young people ages 14-19, a 10-week course at the beginning of one's education as a Stoic; the School of Essential Studies (SES), a four-month course in the theory and practice of becoming a Stoic; the Marcus Aurelius School, a one-year course in how to become a Stoic philosopher.

Admissions. It is our policy to accept all students without regard to gender, race, religion, or nationality. For additional information click on the Schools drop-down menu. There you will see links to the Preparatory School, School of Essential Studies, Marcus Aurelius School. Whatever questions you have about these schools will likely be answered there.

Methodology of the College is based primarily upon the self-education of distance learning, but each Prep School student will be assigned a teacher, the SES student will be assigned a Mentor, and each MAS student will be assigned a Tutor to work with him or her in becoming a knowledgeable and practicing Stoic philosopher. Teachers, Mentors, Tutors, and students correspond by email and Skype video, and these exchanges between student and faculty provide an opportunity to examine any issues, questions, or problems that arise.

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